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Litigation Support Services

Often, litigation and other types of business negotiations involve complex accounting, tax, and financial situations that require specialized knowledge. Miller & Associates, P.C. can help by providing quality advice and assistance, with complete confidentiality.

We are ready to offer our services in any of the following...

Tax Planning and Preparation Services

General Litigation:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Calculation of damages
  • Analysis of financial records and documents
  • Calculation of profits/losses from business ventures
  • Calculation of tax consequences
  • Assistance with depositions
  • Income tax appeals
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Calculation of embezzlement-related losses

Divorce Litigation:

  • Analysis of earnings
  • Preparation of personal property inventory
  • Business-interest valuations
  • Property-interest valuations and distributions
  • Analysis of income tax issues
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